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big bear lake vacation rentals. Big Bear Lake Vacation Rental for Large Parties/Spring Break
If college students are looking for a great place to party during the spring or summer, there are 5 bedroom cabins in Big Bear Lakefront that are available. You can check which ones are available when you search for various Big Bear Lake vacation rentals online. You can find smaller sized Big Bear cabins for rent, as well as Pet Friendly Big Bear Cabins and Big Bear Mountain lodging when you search for them in online directories.

Five Bedroom Big Bear Cabin Rentals
big bear cabins for rent.One five-bedroom Big Bear Lake cabin rental in Big Bear for rent is called the American Beauty. This one has is equipped with a spa and/or Jacuzzi, depending upon which unit you rent. These Big Bear cabins come with quite a few other amenities as well. Usually some units will have a local phone, or even a long distance phone, and most have high-speed Internet access. These units also have features such as cable TV, fireplace, full kitchen, and washer and dryer. This one is not on the lakefront, but is very close to the lake.

Another 5-bedroom cabin rental unit that is close to the lake is the Eastwood Estate. This one is across the street from the lake, and has in it 2.75 bathrooms, quite a bit of room, and a deck, BBQ grill, and the other amenities as listed above, as well as others. This one as well as the American Beauty cabin is close by nearby attractions such as Snow Summit resort and a park that has tennis courts and a baseball field and more. Those who stay in Big Bear can also go swimming, boating, and fishing, sailing or hiking.

There is another place that those who come to Big Bear, California can stay as well. This place is called the Northwoods resort. Big Bear Lake is only 3 blocks from this resort; this resort is within three miles from Snow Summit Mountain. This unit is a 4-story hotel unit.

You can also find Big Bear Log Cabin Rental units listed by number of rooms, location, nearby attractions and activities available. If you are looking for a cabin rental, Big Bear, CA also has paper listings of all their cabins and vacation rentals available.

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