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arrowhead pond professional bull riding. Thinking of going to Arrowhead Pond Arena? It depends on the show, right? Taking a look at the Arrowhead Pond schedule (available online) it’s not hard to find a hot ticket all year round.

Arrowhead Pond PBR

One exciting show has to be the Arrowhead Pond Rodeo. Come for the cowboys, the crazy stunts and best of all, the suspense and excitement of a real bull riding at the Arrowhead Pond. It’s the wildest and most dangerous part about a rodeo and the one moment you can’t miss, to see just how long that crazy cowboy can hold on. Arrowhead Pond professional bull riding is one of the arena’s major attractions and tickets to these events sell out fast.

Arrowhead Pond UFC
Arrowhead Pond also has something for its action-oriented fans. Whether it's the theatrics of the WWE Raw show or the real competition of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who can resist buying a ticket to see a good fight? The UFC allows its fans to scream in glory and live vicariously through its punching and kicking street fighters, regarded as the best in the world. The Arrowhead Pond Ultimate Fighting Championships show is like a video game come to life!

Circus Arrowhead Pond
While not as tough as the UFC, the clowns and the theatrics of the Barnum & Bailey Circus is plenty of excitement for the whole family. Besides the hilarious clown antics, you get to see trained wild animals like tigers and elephants, death-defying acrobats and plenty of other unbelievable feats you could only see in the circus. Come see why it’s called the greatest show on earth.

Disney On Ice At The Arrowhead Pond
disney on ice at the arrowhead pond.Do your kids love Disney character? Are you a closeted Disney fan yourself? Well know you can see your favorite Disney characters on ice from such movies as Finding Nemo, Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, The Lion King, as well as Mickey and his famous friends from years past. Children will appreciate seeing the Disney characters live and in person, and adults will come to appreciate the aesthetic and athletic feats performed by the talented skaters.

Arrowhead Pond Anaheim California
Every big and exciting show has to come through Arrowhead Pond at some point. It is a renowned arena brimming with excitement. Come for the spectacular shows and see the spectacle of live entertainment for yourself.
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