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“A chicken in every pot. A chopper in every garage.”

big bear choppers sled prostreet bike.Introduction to Big Bear Chopper
A chopper is not just a motorcycle; it’s a work of art. The Bigbear Chopper is definitely a work of art. When Kevin and Mona Alsop started this company nearly a decade ago, they did so with the goals of building custom bikes for their customers and developed the philosophy of “A chicken in every pot. A chopper in every garage.” What they mean by this is they provide the most affordable motorcycle possible without sacrificing quality.

Throughout these past 10 years Big Bear Choppers has created a thundering presence and solid street credibility for their brand by coupling the production of innovative motorcycles with personal customer service. Today, their product philosophy and courteous attitudes have not changed since the first days of the small, humble shop. With the help of a national and international network of authorized dealers, these motorcycles are becoming more and more sought out and readily available to those that desire to own an industry leading American motorcycle.

Unassembled Motorcycles - Big Bear Chopper Kits
Another great aspect about Big Bear Choppers is that they make complete kits that customers can put together and paint themselves. A leading designer and manufacturer of unassembled motorcycles since 2001, they are industry-famous for providing a product that is more than just a great motorcycle; it’s the experience of building your own custom motorcycle in your garage. They offer many frame and swingarm designs, sheetmetal styles and component choices to make each Big Bear Chopper a true custom tailored motorcycle for you.

The learning knowledge and skill, the trials and swearing, the joy and satisfaction are some of the by-products that come with building a custom motorcycle yourself. Once you have raised your monster from the bike stand, the second chapter of your adventure and miles of memories begin. Man and machine have bonded.

In each unassembled motorcycle kit they include everything you need to assemble and ride the bike out of your garage, minus the paint and gas. Before the unassembled motorcycle ships out to the customer, they execute a mock-up of the major components to insure a proper fit. The hardware is provided in labeled bags so you know where every fastener goes. Your VIN stamped unassembled motorcycle will be registered as a Big Bear Chopper with a Manufacturer’s Title at the DMV, which means it’s much easier and cheaper to register, insure and finance. The instruction manual for your project is a five hour DVD video produced in-house showing the process of the tips and tricks of building a BBC machine. They even provide phone tech support.

They Know What Turns The Crank of Riders
big bear venom bikes.Motorcycle enthusiasts with distinct taste will often go with a Big Bear Chopper because of their beautiful work and the different and unique lines of bikes. Their cutting edge motorcycle designs are setting today’s trend in the production motorcycle industry. Out of their twelve motorcycle designs, they believe they have a motorcycle that fits the style and budget of most enthusiasts. Take the Big Bear Choppers Sled 250 Sprocket. These bikes sit just a tad lower to the ground than the Big Bear Venom Bikes. You can even purchase a kit and build Big Bear Choppers Sled bikes yourself. They have styling upgrades like roulette wheels, Euro headlight and pointed fenders.

They urge people to customize their bikes. They state that they love seeing creative modifications done to their bikes, especially from an amateur customer. And as far as the custom world of choppers, their customer’s bikes built from the kit seem to keep winning awards.

build big bear choppers sled. If you are in the market for a custom motorcycle, do your homework first. Bikes from Big Bear Chopper are in a class of their own and you want to know what experience you will be in for before ordering a custom kit to build your own or one already assembled.

Compare California vs. Big Bear Choppers too. You will find that hands down, most people will prefer one of the sleek models of the Big Bear Chopper. So, if you have a hankering for tooling down the open road with the wind whistling past your ears, make sure you do it on a Big Bear Chopper.

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