Lake Arrowhead Fire, Lake Arrowhead CA Fire, Arrowhead Fire

Lake Arrowhead Fire.
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Lake Arrowhead Fire, Lake Arrowhead CA Fire, Arrowhead Fire, Lake, Arrowhead, Fire.
Lake Arrowhead Fire, Lake Arrowhead CA Fire, Arrowhead Fire, Lake, Arrowhead, Fire.
Lake Arrowhead Fire, Lake Arrowhead CA Fire, Arrowhead Fire, Lake, Arrowhead, Fire.
Lake Arrowhead Fire, Lake Arrowhead CA Fire, Arrowhead Fire, Lake, Arrowhead, Fire.

Lake Arrowhead Fire, Lake Arrowhead CA Fire, Arrowhead Fire, Lake, Arrowhead, Fire.

Lake Arrowhead Fire Information

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of these fires.

"GRASS VALLEY FIRE" - Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2007"
LAKE ARROWHEAD - The fire's western flank has been significantly slowed due to the winds "dying down." Officials while still concerned with the fire reaching Dart Canyon (Eastern Crestline, Lake Gregory) to the West, they are continuing to watch for spot fires and gas line fires in the burned areas. The Santa Ana Winds have died down and we should return to our usual on-shore flow to cool things down and bring the humidity back up from 12% to normal levels, about 30%. Mandatory evacuation remains in effect from Lake Arrowheadto Crestline. Valley of Enchantment and Cedar Pines Park are still under voluntary evacuation.

"SLIDE FIRE" - Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2007"
RUNNING SPRINGS - Tuesday brought devastation for Running Springs in the Live Oak, Nob Hill, and Smiley Park areas. About 300 homes have been lost to fire from Green Valley Lake to the Twin Peaks - the majority of which were lost in the Running Springs area yesterday.

For up-to-date information regarding the 2007 mountain fires, check

LAKE ARROWHEAD – Authorities were looking for an arsonist Tuesday who may have set at least one of five small forest fires that erupted and were quickly doused near this mountain resort community.

Arson was also blamed for October's weeklong Old Fire that killed four people, burned 91,281 acres and destroyed 993 homes as it swept through the San Bernardino Mountains' bark beetle-devastated stands of dead and dying trees about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

On Monday, some 120 firefighters responded to 9:30 a.m. alarms near State Highway 189, west of Lake Arrowhead near the town of Twin Peaks. The fires were each a quarter- to half-acre in size and burned southwest toward Crestline, said Sgt. Rick Whitehead of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Most of the fires appeared to only burn grass and did not get into trees.

At least one of the fires was deemed suspicious, while another may be have been caused by a faulty power line in the area, said Maria Daniels, U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman. Authorities were investigating the cause of all the fires.

A witness told authorities that he saw a man wearing goggles and carrying a duffel bag near the fires, which were about a quarter-mile apart from one another, Whitehead said. There have been a number of licensed contractors in the area for months leveling parts of the forest of dead trees.

"The fact that this guy was coming out of the forest alone raises suspicion," Whitehead said. "People are on pins and needles up here. Anything dealing with smoke or fire is going to get a quick reaction."

Last month, a controlled burn turned into a 350-acre forest fire in the San Bernardino Mountains and forced the evacuation of the Bear Mountain and Snow Summit ski resorts. Some residents said they were not notified and others were upset that firefighters lost control.

Costs associated with fighting and recovery from the 2003 firestorms known as the Old, Grand Prix and Padua fires have climbed to at least $1.2 billion and authorities are still counting. In an 18-page report released Monday by the U.S. Forest Service, the agency provided an inside look into the local, regional, national and societal costs of fighting and recovery efforts after the fires. The report does not track expenditures such as the loss of income generating capacity, lost recreation opportunities, and degradation of ecosystem services such as clean water. Figures for local fire departments such as Crest Forest Fire, Running Springs and Big Bear Lake-are also not included although some of the costs were reimbursed by various government agencies. But the fact remains the fires strained the budgets of each of the independent fire agencies in the mountain communities. The study, compiled by the Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Research Station in Riverside, was the first in-depth study of the three firestorms that burned over 150,000 acres during October and November of 2003. The Old, Grand Prix and Padua fires caused the evacuation of more than 100,000 people and destroyed 1,000 homes.

The Grand Prix fire and the Old fire began miles apart from each other on different days. These two fires eventually joined as they swept down the on the Incident Command Post. With Santa Ana winds howling, these two fires ripped through subdivisions at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains. The fire ran through foothill communities of Devore, Lytle Creek, Del Rosa, Rancho Cucamonga. The Old Fire looked like a repeat of the 1980 Panorama fire, which destroyed 325 homes. The western flank of the Grand Prix fire crossed into Los Angeles County. With a vengeance, it threatened one subdivision after another. Finally, the winds died down enough to go on the offensive. With the ceasing of the east winds it was only a matter of time before the prevailing west winds would surface and the vulnerable forest communities including Crest Forest, Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead, Cedar Glen and Mt. Baldy Village would be threatened. The race was on. Law enforcement implemented the Mountain Area Safety Taskforce (MAST) evacuation plan which had been written only months before. Firefighters scrambled into the diseased forest to protect the homes and backfire off of Highway 18 under worsening conditions. Hundreds of homes were destroyed, but thousands were saved. No burn fatalities occurred as the largest evacuation ins San Bernardino County's history was successfully completed.

These resources provide information Lake Arrowhead area fires:

Rim of the - Discussion Forums, Affected Areas,
FEMA Assistance, Post Disaster Awareness, How to Find Out About Your Home.

San Bernardino Joint Information Center - Fire Maps, Evacuation Updates,
Fire Updates, Demographic Data, and Much More.

San Bernardino National Forest - Old and Grand Prix Fire Info, Photos.

Information for Lake Arrowhead Area Residents - Where to Get Mail, Where to Vote,
Scam Prevention, Lodging.

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